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Alternative: 미친놈 종합세트
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Author(s): Gyeja
Genre: Yaoi; Full color; Long strip; Mafia; Official colored; Web comic; Webtoon,
Status: Ongoing
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“Pink Ddorai (Weirdo)” Lee Mongryong, is kidnapped by mysterious gangsters. Before this, his one and only older sister, ‘Hyeyeong’ was planning on introducing him to her to-be husband before she suddenly disappeared. Seok Jeha, the black-sheep second son of a gangster family, has come to dispose of Hyeyeong’s husband who has stolen company information. Stuck in a situation of chasing and being chased, being swept around by Mongryong, Jeha feels like he’s going crazy. But strangely, a corner of his hardened heart begins to melt…?